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John Young Chapter, NSDAR
Charleston, West Virginia
of the American Revolution

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July 19, 2014 - Western District Meeting.

Sept. 20, 2014 - Celebrate Constitution Week with Juanita Reed and Roberta Farmer, Quilt Turning – Lunch in dining room (Edgewood Summit), Welcome New Members – Bell Ringing.

Oct. 6, 2014 - 10:30 AM. Naturalization Ceremony

Oct. 18, 2014 - 11 AM. Malden History/Salt Making by Larry L. Rowe, Hale House (Old Cabin Creek Quilts Building).

Nov. 11, 2014 - Veteran’s Day Parade - group forms at 9:30 AM.

Nov. 15, 2014 - Speaker: Robert Beanblossom, DNR Parks & Recreation, Fifth Quarter (Order from the menu).

Dec. 6, 2014 - Program: Music by Elizabeth Cummings and Melinda Morris, Berry Hills Country Club - Celebrate Christmas.

Jan. 17, 2015 - “Home Security Tips” by Sgt. G. L. Henderson, III, Canaan United Methodist Church (Lunch provided).

Feb. 21, 2015 - Do you know what a “kit home” is? by Dr. Billy Joe Peyton, Fifth Quarter (Order from menu).

Mar. 21, 2015 - DAR School by Honorary State Regent Shirley Gilkeson, Sallie McClaugherty's home (Lunch provided). 

Apr. 11, 2015 - “Adventures in India”by Linda Elliott, Katie Giltinan's home (Lunch provided).

Apr. 17-19, 2015 - 110th State Conference at Olgebay Resort, Wheeling, WV

May 16, 2015 - Armed Forces Day Parade in South Charleston 

June 24-28, 2015 - 124th Continental Congress in Washington, DC

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