Graphic:A slice of the flag.

John Young Chapter, NSDAR
Charleston, West Virginia
Daughters of the American Revolution

Parrish, Booker
Constance Massie
Parrish, Edward
Ann (Anna) _______
Sarah ____________
Rachel Evans
Paul, Nichlas
Barbara Hess
Pearis, George (Capt)
Eleanor Howe
Rebecca Clay
Pearson, Thomas, Sr.
Elizabeth Palmer
Pennell (Penel), James
Elizabeth Wright
Pew, Reuben
Fannie Smith
Pindell, Nicholas
Eleanor Larkin
Pitzer (Bitzer) Michael
Catharine _________
Poindexter, Joseph
Elizabeth James Kennelly
Polsey, Jacob
Margaret Haymond
Powell, Isaa
Hannah Bailey
Elizabeth Hutton
Preston, Moses
Fanny Arthur
Pugh, Jonathon
Margaret _________

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